Celtics vs Wizards Playoff Preview

(1) Boston Celtics vs (4) Washington Wizards


Playoff Results: Celtics defeated Bulls 4-2, Wizards defeated Hawks 4-2


Season Series Results: Tied 2-2


11/9  Wizards 118  Celtics 93

1/11  Celtics  117  Wizards 108

1/24  Wizards 123  Celtics 108

3/20  Celtics 110  Wizards 102


Key Factors:

Off Rtg Def Rtg Efg% Tov%
Celtics 111.1 108.4 52.5 12.2
Wizards 111.2 109.3 52.8 12.8



Key Matchup: Thomas vs Wall:

The key matchup should be a great one as both Wall and Thomas are both considered MVP candidates and top 10 point guards in the NBA. Wall on the season averaged 23.1 PPG and 10.7 APG while Thomas averaged 28.9 PPG and 5.9 APG. Whichever guards has the better performance should give his team the slight advantage it needs to win the series.



X-Factor for Celtics: Al Horford:

As important as Thomas has been for the Celtics its Horford who will ultimately decide how the Celtics perform. Hes responsible for initiating the offense on most possessions and if he can hit the 3 ball it adds another dimension to Boston when he is on the floor.



X-Factor for Wizards: Bradley Beal:

If Beal gets going the Wizards backcourt can usually beat any opponent they play just because how good Wall and Beal are. When Beal is hitting his outside shot it opens the floor for Wall to get to the rim or pull defenders in and get Beal an open look.


Analysis: This is probably going to be the best series of the semifinals but maybe the entire NBA playoffs. These teams don’t like each other so every game will be tightly contested with a lot of emotion involved. Don’t be surprised to see and flair up or two and maybe even an ejection. The Wizards don’t have much of a bench so the Celtics will have to win the bench unit lineups but if Wall and Beal are hitting the outside shot then Washington shouldn’t need much help from their bench. These two teams are very close in the four main factors which should mean this series is going 7.



Prediction: Wizards over Celtics in 7


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